The 7 Most Influential People in Technology for 2021

The year 2021 ended with all its failures, successes, calamities, Corona, Omicron, and a lot of happy and sad things. But before we turn this page for good and start a shining new page with the new year 2022, let’s take a look at the most influential people in technology, what they have done, and how they have succeeded in being such global influencers.

Most Influential People in Technology

The most influential people mean those who have the ability to move markets or shape ideas and policies, and in the list of the most influential people in the field of technology, we will highlight those people who have been able to change the game in some way and have undoubtedly succeeded in doing so. Technology field:

Vanessa Pappas

Director of Operations for the Tik Tok application

As COO of the popular video app TikTok, Vanessa Pappas has what many would consider the most amazing and influential job in the world but what she did with the Chinese app, helped him a lot to beat the competition this year.

Vanessa, who has two children aged between three and five years, was a former executive of the popular video site YouTube and then started her work as interim CEO of the Tik Tok application last fall and through her own strategies, she was able to bring in many users of the Chinese application.

To be able by the end of this year to increase the number of downloads by millions of users compared to its competitors such as Instagram and Facebook. The Tik Tok application also won the title of the most visited website in the world after the traffic and traffic on the site was huge, to move Google to second place and dominate the list of the most visited sites in 2021.

Andy Gacy

Amazon CEO

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, abandons Amazon, the company he founded, which is considered the largest in the field of e-commerce in the world, so that his successor is Andy Gacy, a figure who may not be known to many, only those around the field know the name.

But he left a strong impression that he was ambitious and his ideas could do a lot for Amazon, and for those who don’t know Andy Gacy, he started his life in the company and then managed Amazon Web Services for nearly two decades, which is on its way to achieving up to $61.3 billion in sales. year 2021.

This is an increase of 35% over last year, and the reward for his success is his appointment as the CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon to succeed Jeff Bezos, who decided to step down and monitor the situation from afar and allow new blood that can make a lot in the coming period for the growth of a company the size of Amazon.

Frances Hogan

The woman who shook the throne of Facebook

The Facebook company (currently dead), which is involved from time to time in a major scandal that makes users lose confidence in it and its founder Mark Zuckerberg, and the latest scandal of the social network launched by Frances Hogan, leaked Facebook documents, or we can describe it as the woman who shook the throne of Facebook.

And that former employee of the social network was able to leak internal documents in which she indicated that Facebook does not care about users and its interest and the money it achieves in the first place. In addition to providing false information.

Frances Haugen has also filed at least eight complaints with the US Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that the company misled investors and was summoned to congressional hearings, where it was able to reveal Facebook’s dirty secrets without restrictions or fear.

Elon Musk

Founder of SpaceX and Tesla and the richest man in the world

It is difficult to talk about Elon Musk in a summary form, this man needs many pages, he is the richest man in the world and has many current companies and long previous experience, and we cannot lose sight of his opinions, which are always in dispute and a fierce war between his followers.

However, with a single gesture from him, millions of fans are driving left or right and the word of an entrepreneur does not quite do Elon Musk, since the foundation and sale of PayPal, the list of other mega projects he launched include the following:

  • Tesla electric car company
  • SpaceX, which this year won a $2.9 billion contract from NASA to land astronauts on the moon
  • The Boring Company is known for digging tunnels dedicated to cars and solving the problem of congestion.

In addition, there are his tweets on Twitter for which you will find supporters and opponents, his support for cryptocurrency, his criticism of WhatsApp, his support for his competitors, and other tweets that are the subject of ridicule and dispute.

After all, Elon Musk can be described as a model of how to solve the great existential challenges before us and a man who has dedicated his life to breaking rules, breaking free from restraints and emotions as he takes humanity with him.

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple

After taking over the iPhone maker from the company’s founder, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook proved to be a man of judgment and judgment, capable of thinking tactically and strategically in an industry very different from his own. He also presented the most important quality for any leader in any field, which is wisdom.

One of the toughest challenges for Tim Cook was the change of leadership at Apple after the death of its founder, Steve Jobs, who was loved and recognized around the world as a genius.

This near-impossible transformation was handled with astonishing dignity and grace, with the current CEO telling everyone in the quiet way we are used to, “I’m not the second Steve Jobs, I’m his successor, but my name is Tim Cook.”

By the way, in the ten years that Tim Cook took over the leadership of Apple, the company’s shares rose by 1000%, and this made it the most valuable company in the world and Cook, who may retire in the coming years, despite what he did for Apple, but he refuses to leave his position before he puts his touch, he wants to launch a completely new product, perhaps smart glasses or the company’s self-driving car.

Vitalik Buterin

Founder of the Ethereum network

Vitalik is such a big name in the cryptocurrency world that he created his Ethereum network that serves as a global computer for decentralized finance applications that aim to replace traditional intermediaries such as banks.

The Vitalik cryptocurrency Ether (also called Ethereum and is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) saw a sharp rise in value in 2017.

The market capitalization of the Ethereum network is currently nearly $30 billion, and Vitalik Porterin also co-founded Bitcoin Magazine and now heads the Ethereum network and is working on its protocol upgrades and development.

And Vitalik’s work with the Ethereum network made him more excited about the potential of the internet than ever before and this led to new ways to take advantage of blockchain technology and that’s why we can call him a cryptocurrency pioneer.

Jin Soon Hwang


Jin Soon Huang, CEO of Nvidia, was able to help advance artificial intelligence by directing the company to adapt GPUs for general computing tasks.

Under Huang’s leadership, the company’s market share rose and powerful chips laid a foundation that could accommodate larger neural networks. This led to the software behind much of today’s AI that could allow phones to answer questions out loud and farms to spray weeds but not crops.

And doctors can predict the properties of new drugs with more amazing functions and capabilities that we will see in the future thanks to chips and the development of artificial intelligence.

What is the common denominator between these people?

Everyone on this list had a unique background before they made their mark in the tech industry and regardless of their experiences and areas of work, all of these personalities have one thing in common, they love the industry they work in and have been willing to take risks that others don’t and have worked harder than Anyone else to get to where they are now.

Finally, they are not ordinary, they are names that have shined in the world of technology and their actions have dominated the digital scene and have been the talk of the newspapers for a long time, and for this we have shown you in this article the most influential people in the field of technology for the year 2021 according to the list of the 50 most influential people for Bloomberg and also the 100 most influential people for Times magazine This year.


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