Best Budget Wireless Earbuds Of 2022

Technologies are constantly evolving, it becomes more difficult to choose the right product, but if the budget is limited, the desire of the buyer to get the highest quality at the lowest cost is understandable. And it is possible, we will tell you how to choose budget wireless headphones in 2022

Wireless headphones have firmly entered our life, as they do not hinder movement, allow you to enjoy music and ease of use.

High-quality headphones are comparable in cost to a smartphone and, perhaps, for a true connoisseur of sound with a fine ear for music, this waste will be justified. At the same time, an ordinary person will not notice the difference using a budget device.

In the budget segment, the manufacturer will not indulge in technical delights and new technologies. But the user will receive a practical gadget that he can comfortably use in everyday life, without fear of damaging it and without overpaying for novelty and brand. Today, even in the budget segment, it is difficult to find wireless headphones with frankly poor sound quality and you can find a decent device on a limited budget.

In this rating, almost all devices cost about $50, because devices with a higher price can hardly be attributed to the budget category. For this money, the buyer will receive headphones that will be convenient to use throughout the entire service life. They will delight their owner with good sound quality and long battery life.

Editor’s Choice

Realme buds air 2

Stylish wireless headphones with active noise canceling in a compact case, a popular model with a good value for money. This versatile device has a modest size and well-thought-out ergonomics; it will be convenient to use both in intensive training and while walking in the park, listening to music and texting in instant messengers or speaking voice messages in a chat.

The built-in dual microphone with noise cancellation system captures the intonation, tempo and timbre of the voice well. Long battery life will only add comfort, and IPX5 moisture protection will protect the headphones from precipitation.

Pros and cons

+ Great sound, comfortable fit in your ears, stylish design, long battery life, active noise canceling system

– Very sensitive touch control, false alarms possible

Top 10 best wireless earbuds in 2022 according to The All-Tech Guru

1. HONOR FlyPods Lite

Stylish, in-ear wireless headphones will delight their owner with a long battery life. Three hours of continuous listening to music or talking and the ability to quickly recharge the device.

Only 15 minutes and an hour and a half of continuous work – your favorite track will not remain unheard, and the dialogue will not be finished. An infrared sensor monitors the position of the device in space and allows you to use the headphones separately as a mono headset, which doubles the use time of the device.

In addition, the headphones are protected from moisture and dust according to the IP54 standard, nothing will happen to them if their owner gets into a light rain.

Pros and cons

+ Good sound, high build quality, good microphone, loud sound

– Sometimes they come not in working order, they are quickly discharged, fall out

2. Huawei AM61 Sport Lite

This headset is for people who lead an active lifestyle. These earbuds boast an ergonomic and stylish design, impressive battery life, durable cable, high-quality microphones that transmit voices with virtually no distortion, and powerful speakers for rich bass.

The headphones can work in conjunction with a smartphone at a distance of up to 10 meters. For a fast and reliable connection, bluetooth 4.1 technology is used. The battery is powerful enough, 10 minutes of charging makes it possible to use the device for about 2 hours.

Pros and cons

+ Good sound, large battery, good fit in the ears, magnetic mount, good noise isolation, loud

– Bad microphone

3. Sony MDR-XB70BT

Stylish, practical option, will provide its owner with high-quality sound and ease of use. The headphones are made in a necklace form factor, they are weightless and very comfortable. Their base is made of silicone rubber, at its ends there are plastic blocks with battery and electronics, from which wires with vacuum headphones come out.

These headphones will provide their owner with clear and crisp sound, loud bass, and up to 9 hours of battery life.

Pros and cons

+ Crisp sound, good bass, long battery life

– Bad microphone, it is impossible to talk on the phone, since the interlocutor will not hear

4. JBL Tune 225 TWS

These headphones will delight their owner with a stylish design, good sound and long battery life. On a single charge, the device can work up to 5 hours, and if you take into account the capacious battery in the charging case, this is up to 25 hours of listening to music.

Even with active use, they will definitely last for a couple of days, and possibly for the whole week. The device has a proximity sensor, it makes it possible to use one earphone as a mono headset, and keep the other in full readiness, in case the first is discharged.

The bluetooth 5.0 technology is responsible for the stability of the connection with the smartphone, and the modern USB Type-C interface for charging will only add convenience when using the gadget.

Pros and cons

+ Great sound, powerful bass, comfortable case, nice design

– Sound slows down when watching a video on a computer

5. Lenovo HT30

Good value for money wireless headphones. Thanks to the well-thought-out ergonomic shape, they fit well in the ears and do not fall out during sports. Convenient touch control simplifies the operation of the device.

Good autonomy, fast charging, decent sound and bluetooth 5.0 help these headphones take a worthy place in the owner’s life. The earbuds are IPX5 water and dust resistant for added confidence in their durability.

In addition, the case with headphones is lightweight and modest in size, and it is convenient to carry the device with you. With a full charge, they work for about 4 hours, the total battery life in the case is 20 hours.

Pros and cons

+ Sound isolation, good sound, long battery life, quickly connect to the phone

– Loses connection with the computer, the lid of the case is loose

6.Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2

These are earbuds with powerful sound and active noise canceling technology. The headphones support the LHDC audio codec, which allows you to transmit audio with high detail and low latency. Active noise cancellation technology neatly removes background noise and provides comfort of use.

Headphones are controlled using touch panels, with a light touch you can answer a call or switch a track without taking the phone out of your pocket. The autonomy of the device is at a decent level, from one charge the headphones can work up to 4 hours and up to 14 hours from the battery in the case.

Pros and cons

+ Good sound, there is an active noise canceling system, one earbud can be used, fast switching between devices, comfortable

– Weak bass, sometimes it comes out of order


Elegant vacuum headphones. The manufacturer focused on sound, autonomy, ergonomics and usability. Surround sound technology delivers clear voice and powerful bass. In addition, these headphones have an Ambient Sound Mode that allows you to talk to a person without removing the headphones.

If the user is in a crowded area talking on the phone, noise cancellation technology will minimize unwanted noise and ensure clear conversations. The ergonomic shape of the earbuds will allow them to fit comfortably in the ear.

As for the autonomy, it is here at a decent level, 6 hours from a single charge, 2 recharges in the case suggest 18 hours of active use.

Pros and cons

+ Good sound, stylish design, compact size, noise cancellation and echo cancellation.

– Weak bass, sometimes freezes.

8. Meizu POP2

Stylish wireless earbuds with moisture protection. They can work for a day if they are periodically recharged in a charging case and for 8 hours from a single battery charge. The device is protected according to the IPX5 standard, and if the user suddenly decided to go for a run and got caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry about these headphones, they will withstand everything.

The headset is controlled using the touch panel. You can control music without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. At the same time, many users note poor-quality pairing with the phone. If it is in a pocket or bag, communication with the headphones may periodically be lost.

Pros and cons

+ Stylish design, long work, quickly connect to the phone, fit well in the ears, pleasant sound

– Lack of bass, inconvenient touch controls

9. Philips TAT3215

Wireless in-ear headphones with clear sound, compact case and good autonomy. The earbuds are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably in the auricle. Good sound and great bass will impress even an avid music lover, and the built-in microphones will transmit a clear and clear voice. The device has IPX4 protection, it is not afraid of drops of rain and sweat.

A capacious battery will allow you to forget about an outlet; from the built-in battery, the headphones can work up to 6 hours and up to 24 hours with a charging case.

Pros and cons

+ Decent sound, good built-in microphones, stable connection, long battery life, waterproof

– Lack of volume, weak charging case cover

10. Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT50BT

Sports in-ear wireless headphones. They have a very comfortable and ergonomic fit, the arms are adjustable in all directions and provide a snug fit, they will not fall off during an intense workout and will delight you with cheerful music and loud sound.

And if someone calls, you can answer the call from them, the built-in microphone provides clear voice transmission. Since this is a sports earbud, it is IPX5 rain and sweat resistant.

Pros and cons

+ High-quality assembly, good connection with a smartphone, adjustable temples, moisture protection

– Poor sound quality, despite the fact that it is declared as sports, drops out during running and active activities

How to choose budget wireless headphones

When choosing budget wireless headphones, you should pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Microphone. Headphones for the phone are bought not only for listening to music or watching videos, but also so that during a conversation on the phone, hands are free. Therefore, the quality of the built-in microphone is as important as the quality of the speakers.
  • Bluetooth version. The newer the bluetooth version, the higher the stability of the connection and the lower the power consumption. At the same time, this does not affect the sound quality, in any case, the user is unlikely to notice the difference. However, it should be borne in mind that the bluetooth version of the phone and the headphone must be supported by both devices. That is, if the smartphone has Bluetooth 5.1, and the headphones are 4.2, then Bluetooth 4.2 will be used when pairing.
  • Purpose of use. If you are going to play sports with headphones, you should choose a device that is IPX4 and higher.

Popular questions and answers

What are the most important parameters of budget wireless headphones?

People buy wireless headphones in order to comfortably listen to music and talk on the phone. If we are talking about budget models, then minimum requirements are imposed on them.

The speakers installed in the headphones should not emit wheezing and extraneous sounds, there should be no subsidence in any frequencies. As a rule, the technology of active noise cancellation in budget headphones is rare, therefore, sound insulation is most often provided by tight-fitting silicone ear pads.

Close attention should be paid to the microphone, the interlocutor should clearly hear your voice. It’s good if the headphones are equipped with two microphones and support the active noise canceling function, which cuts off the noise of the street and the interlocutor will only hear your voice.

What do manufacturers of inexpensive headphones usually save on?

Most often, savings occur due to the use of not the most modern technologies and not the highest quality materials and components that are used in production. Also, according to the expert, budget models are not equipped with a capacious battery or fast charging function, and the speakers will be simple and without powerful bass.

What determines the quality of the wireless connection between headphones and a sound source?

Many factors come into play here. For example, the features of the playback device and the type of headphone codecs, the most popular are SBC and AAC. The data transfer speed will depend on how many devices are connected to the smartphone: the more devices, the lower the speed. Also, according to experts, the relevance of the headphone firmware plays a role – they are updated through their own applications. The widespread opinion that the new version of Bluetooth will give a better connection is wrong, for headphones it does not matter which version of Bluetooth in the headphones is 4.0 or the new 5.2.


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