Best Smartwatches For Kids In 2022

Children’s smartwatches have recently appeared on the market, but have already gained unprecedented popularity. This is a multifunctional device that not only shows the time, but also has many other useful options.

A smart watch is a good alternative to a smartphone for a child: it is possible to make and receive phone calls from the device. Also, the smart watch is equipped with a function of voice and text messages, a notebook and an alarm clock. Some models are equipped with a webcam, thanks to which you can contact your child via video communication at any time.

Many people are thinking about buying a smart watch for a child, but a huge number of brands and a similar functionality of the gadget make choosing it a rather difficult event. The editors of The All-Tech Guru reviewed the most popular smartwatch models on the market, assessed their advantages and disadvantages, and made their own rating of this gadget.

What is a kids smart watch?

In fact, children’s smartwatches are somewhat reminiscent of adult models. They, as a rule, also have a touch screen, several customizable dials to choose from, as well as the ability to make calls and exchange SMS messages in one form or another.

At the same time, the main task of such watches for children is to transmit information about the location of the child to parents. For this, the models are equipped with a SIM card slot, as well as a GPS module, in addition to which a GLONASS and / or Wi-Fi module can be installed – for more accurate positioning indoors.

The watch is linked to the parent’s smartphone through a special application, and then it is possible to see where the child is on the map. In the application, the “safe zone” is usually set – if the child leaves it, the parent will receive a notification on the phone – and a list of contacts that can be called from the watch is configured.

Best smartwatches for kids 2022

Let’s talk about the most successful models in terms of price / quality ratio.

Philips W200

We have already reviewed the Philips W200 smart watch; it differs from other children’s models by their rather “adult” design and dimensions: they are not very thick, and even on a small child’s hand they look organic – unlike many “monstrous” competitors.

Philips W200 supports all the features mentioned above – they allow you to track your baby’s location (and see the baby’s route for the day), set a safe zone, send voice messages and make / receive calls. The watch is specially equipped with a microphone with high sensitivity – so that the baby’s voice will be heard even when he is outside.

Moreover, in addition to regular phone calls, the watch allows parents to make a “hidden” call – when the device itself does not show any notifications and does not make sounds. This feature allows you to discreetly listen to the environment around your child, which can be useful in an emergency.

A separate feature of the device is its autonomy. The watch can last a week without recharging, so do not worry that the child will be left without connection at the most inopportune moment.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3

Smartwatch from a fairly well-known Chinese brand. Geolocation tracking, call exchange – everything is standard. They differ from analogs in more accurate positioning – for it, in addition to GPS, Wi-FI and a compass are also used.

Also, watches from Xiaomi not only have protection against splashes and rain, but support the IPX7 standard – so even if you spill liquid on them or drop them into a bathtub filled with water, they will not become unusable.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3, in addition to everything, is equipped with a 2 MP camera – a nice bonus, although you can hardly think of an adequate scenario for its use. Unless it is necessary to take a photo in case of emergency.

Finally, a whole library of songs and stories is stored in the device’s memory.

CANYON CNE KW-33 “My Dino”

These watches are out of the ordinary. Primarily because they are intended for an older child. They are no longer synchronized with the parent’s smartphone, but with the teenager’s smartphone – and display all calls and incoming notifications. So parents don’t have to worry about their message or phone call being ignored.

In addition, the watch has a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer and other functions for tracking activity – so that it combines the functions of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. In addition, thanks to them, you can monitor the quality of sleep and the amount of fluid you drink per day.

How to choose a smartwatch for a child

Smart watches have a number of advantages, the main one of which is control over the child. Thanks to the device, the child is constantly in touch with the parents. Dad and mom can track his movements and know what is happening to him. This is possible thanks to the GPS and GLONASS functions that most smartwatches are equipped with. Almost every device model has an SOS button, with one click on which the child will contact the parents in an emergency.

Connecting smartwatches to the Internet, thanks to which the child’s geolocation and video communication are tracked, but at the same time, there is no access there for the child himself – another quality of smartwatches that dads and mothers will appreciate. In addition, the device notebook can contain only those numbers that were entered there by the parents.

Unlike a smartphone, a smartwatch is very difficult to lose, forget or break. The watch is housed in a durable plastic case and is worn on a comfortable silicone strap. Most of the models have a high degree of moisture protection, which makes it possible to use them in the pool and during water procedures after sports training.

Parents do not need to worry about the smart watch running out of battery and leaving it without communication with the child. Each model has a battery that works without recharging from 48 to 120 hours in active mode.

Popular questions and answers

What functions should a smartwatch for kids have?

Children’s smart watches are primarily a parental control tool. They are equipped with panic buttons, GPS, AGPS, LBS receivers, wiretapping, hand-held sensors, the ability to make and receive calls, as well as chat for text and voice messaging. Through the application, adults can set a safe zone and enter contact numbers in the phone book if a child wants to contact someone from a relative, as well as prohibit video calls from a gadget or receiving calls from unfamiliar numbers. Manufacturers can optionally also integrate an alarm clock, pedometer and flashlight.

Is it possible to track the location of a child using a smartwatch?

Today there is a large selection of special applications for smartphones, with which you can not only track the location of the child, but also view the history of his movements throughout the month.

Are there smartwatches with a listening function?

Yes, this is the same mobile communication, only in this case, parents have the opportunity, unnoticed by others, to connect to the child’s device in order to listen to the space around him.


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