Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Headphones Review

When we talk about any gaming headsets nowadays, we often forget to think about the audio features they offer. The identity of the players is summarized for some in the formalities and sizes only, and these formal advantages make it easier for the player to identify the nature of the headset that he sees in front of him and whether it was designed for him or not, but let’s tell you, as long as there is Razer in one sentence with the word headphones, it is in Mostly headphones.

So, since we’re talking about Razer and we see the word V2 at the beginning of the review, there’s an update to something that the company might think the last version didn’t do right by, but if there was also a Pro next to it? Is this why the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro headphones are released in the new version and the Pro version as well? Or does the company want to offer a new gaming headset bearing the same identity as BlackShark, but with other features? This is what we will find out today!

But before we get into any details, let’s remind you that this review is basically talking about a headset designed for gamers only. We know a lot of you are expecting it to be a review for a regular headset, but no, these new Razer headphones will be evaluated under normal gamer usage conditions.

A look at the design of the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro headphones

When we took the new Razer BlackShark V2 Pro headphones out of their box, we found that they weren’t quite the same as the popular Razer headphones. Why? Its weight is much lighter than the rest of the Razer headphones on the market today. The headset is light and its size on the head, that is, the space it takes, is not like the rest of the headphones we know from the company.

We now see headphones in an oval shape that surrounds the ear only, there is no circular design that eats your head with its size or weight, and at the same time the design is not as violent as the rest of the company’s designs with its headphones. The headphones come in white in a plastic body, but is there a Razer headset without its logo?

of course not. The green Razer logo is behind the headphones, but in a slightly different location. We’ve always seen this logo in the middle, but here it’s smaller and pointing back, unlike the company’s iconic headphones. The headphones are attached to their body through very thin metal arms and will play a big role in the experience of use later. When looking at the top, we find the black cables that pass inside the body of the headphones to connect them to each other.

There is another version that comes in black with green cables as well, but there is only this difference.

The cushions of the headphones depend on the Memory Foam to comfort your ears during use, and the texture of these cushions prevents sweating as it allows air to pass into your ears so that you feel better comfortable while you are wearing the headphones for a long time that may extend to hours and hours without disturbing you, what will bother you is your ears and we do not recommend playing for hours, for fear of medical risks.

The left speaker comes with the audio control circuit in order to dispense with any other tool, and not because it is wireless, but because this design is what we also see with the original BlackShark V2 headphones that come with a wire, and this may satisfy some and disappoint some at the same time, but from our side We see that putting it in a wireless headset in this case is very normal.

As for the microphone of these headphones, it is a microphone attached to the headset and cannot be detached and depends on a black arm to hold it, but the most important difference here between it and the microphone of the original headphones is that the microphone we see is the HyperClear Supercardiod microphone, which is better at eliminating noise, but it remains for us to judge this part.

Technical characteristics of the headphones and installation process

BlackShark V2 Pro headphones are specially designed to work on the PC platform, and since it is a wireless headset, it of course relies on a separate Dongle unit that acts as a receiver for the connection itself. This receiver works with Razer Synapse software to connect the speakers to your computer, and since the headset offers THX Spatial Audio technology, we will also activate this technology to try it out.

We did not install the 3.5 mm cable that came with the headphones, knowing that this cable provides the ability to install the speaker in consoles and the like, but the same idea will make us leave the basic review framework because we will lose here the possibility of wireless connection that separates this headset from the original BlackShark V2 version and we won’t have THX either.

Razer Synapse software offers the ability to adjust sound scales in a 10-step range, and there are already pre-set settings apart from the ability to adjust the bass and improve sound clarity. The same applies to the microphone of these headphones, and this is because there are also adjustments such as raising the purity of the sound, reducing ambient noise and equalizing the volume levels itself.

We also activated the THX Spatial technology in full and also determined the ideal settings for us by moving the speakers in the range of virtual speakers in the room so that you know the sound settings that are suitable for you. The technology can be activated in every game on your computer, and of course there are different possibilities to adjust these headphones through Synapse software as we mentioned, but what is not modified here is the RGB lighting because it is not present in the first place.

User experience

As for the audio experience with music, which in turn we try to see the power of the speaker with the bass, we find that the speaker actually plays the acoustics in a very pure and clear way as well, and there is no sign of stuttering the audio response, but in terms of the arrival of the acoustics with simple sound in the background It is difficult to enjoy it in a low voice as it was originally played.

As for the highest levels of sound, when we even raised the sound to the highest possible levels that other gaming headphones stand in front of with bad noise coming out of it due to the loudness of the sound against the power of the headphones, the BlackShark V2 Pro was able to establish itself and deliver a pure sound, but sometimes the high frequencies may It loses its touch unlike other headphones in the same category.

But for games, it’s a little different. Different because you’re not at a party listening to music, and you’re more likely to fight enemies in a game like Rainbow Six: Siege or fight alien monsters in Halo Infinite’s story missions, which are some of the best games for us this year.

In this case, you will always need to listen to the sounds of those around you from monsters moving in your orbit or enemies waiting for the nearest opportunity to snipe you from behind a wall in Rainbow Six, and indeed, these headphones fulfill all the needs we are talking about here.

Spatial Audio technology shows us all the sounds we might think of in-game in terms of their originality. All the explosions, steps, wind sounds or even screams that we hear inside the game in the maps will appear to us in the best possible way in order to know the direction of these sounds, and this is with high purity and strong bass that puts you in the middle of the battle.

The microphone is what you’d expect to be honest from any microphone placed in a gaming headset. The microphone comes to support noise-isolating technologies from the microphone itself in order to communicate better with your friends and fans if you are one of the pioneers in opening live broadcasts. The sound won’t say it’s pure, but it’s very sharp and clear and it would be better for some of course to get an external microphone with its own card, but if you ask us about that mic inside this package, it’s worth it.

Final verdict on Razer’s latest wireless gaming headphones

Well, we have to be clear on one point. The original BlackShark V2 headphones are almost the same as these headphones, but the difference is that the other headphones are wired and do not carry noise cancellation techniques at the microphone level. The last number is $180.

Is the price cheap? Of course not, but it’s about the same price tag as most headphones we see in the same category in the market today, and this is the luxury price you will pay for playing without wires from an audio point of view. Apart from the price, the headset is excellent and only its price, from our point of view, is flawed.

But apart from the technology, the design aspect could have been better by adding some details such as RGB and the like, and this is because you pay an amount that gives you the right to take everything in terms of performance and in terms of form, so why did we take performance only?

The question marks here remain on the price, the possibility of adjusting the aesthetics and the performance stutter a little with high sound frequencies, other than this, it is an excellent headset for its purpose for gaming and communication while playing.

The All Tech Guru rating

  • Design: 8
  • Price: 6.5
  • Accessories: 10
  • Software support: 9
  • Performance: 8


  • Good microphone for gaming headsets.
  • Clear and clear sound under normal conditions of use.
  • The microphone noise isolation technology is very good.
  • Excellent software support.
  • Impeccable connections.
  • Surround performance puts you in the middle of the battle.


  • There is no possibility to modify the shape.
  • The price is double the wired version.
  • Fluctuation may occur with higher frequencies.

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